Selection Sunday

March 11, 2002

You know what, I was just about to click the post and publish button when suddenly an error message popped up and it just closed all of the windows.. so I lost the long ass entry I’ve written here..=(. Dammit I hate it when the computer does that!!. Anyway, I was just rambling about the mall I first time visited this afternoon..oh why haven’t I been there since long time ago because this mall, -even though it’s not that big- have stores beyond my wildest dream!!..*hihi, hiperbola banget!*. Anyway, i gotta get back there sometimes soon because we were there only for a while since we have to be home at 5 to watch the NCAA selection. We got back just in time because it started as soon as I turned the TV on and 2 minutes later…oh boy..*this is getting exciting* they announced the salukis, my school basketball team.. which I’m a big fan of, as one of the teams that got selected. Wohoo. I couldn’t be happier, it had been a week of a long wait in uncertainty, so glad they make it cause they are truly deserve it.

Anyhoo..they will be playing against Texas tech this coming Friday in Chicago…oh I would love to go there to watch the game, too bad I can only watch it on TV this time *If they show it on TV that is* I hope they beat the red raiders on this first I can see some actions of the infamous-bad tempered bob knight throwing out chairs..*laugh*

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