Tonight's the night

March 16, 2002

It's cold outside and it's raining too...and they even announce a thunderstorm warning on TV just now!. That's bizzare, especially when it felt like 70 degrees yesterday and the sun shone brightly. i was just about to say goodbye to my winter attributes yesterday..but today's weather makes me have to reconsider all that, i can't believe how cold it is right now. Anyway, this website is not done yet and i still want to add things and do some touch up here and there...but i'm just soo attached to all these basketball game that i can't even glance away from the TV screen. This has been indeed a very great tournament, there's been head to head battle going on, a lot of over times and some surprise upsets, it's march madness baby!!.and tonight is THE night....we'll see if my school team can send all those bull raiders back to where they belong!!..

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