What's UP??

November 14, 2001

I'm at school now..in rehn hall computer hall..my class won't start for another 45 minutes..i don't know what to do..so i decided to just messing around with this. lately i'm running out of idea what websites to visit..i just got bored to see the same thing over and over again.

Anyway, i just had quarter pounder for lunch..it sure is make my stomach full. You know how i've been thinking about resigning from ASAF right..? Well i finally decided to tell debbie this afternoon in the student center..i was waiting in there..a bit nervous...but she didn't show up..ohh..it makes it even harder for me to wait any longer...!. I don't know how is she gonna react after i told her this..i hope she's cool with it..i mean..it's not gonna make any difference without me or with me right..??..

Aan called me last night..i can't believe she's leaving in a matter of days..and leaving for good!. well life hasn't been treating her well since she's been here...so she decided to go home. I'm actually a bit sad if i'm thinking about the fact that she's going home for good..e.i hope things will be back on track for her..i wish you the best of luck ya an..and i'm gonna miss you a lot.

Hmm..you know what..mina is getting married this january..waw..i can't believe that...i can't believe that she finally get what she wanted. You know when we were in high school..she always talked about how she wished to meet her guy once she got to college..and got married and just stay with him for the rest of her life..wow...! And that's happen like exactly how she wants it to be..! She met a guy not long after she started her college life..and right now they are busy arranging their wedding..!. Oh my god..i'm so happy for you mina..wish i could be there on your wedding day.....=).

What else yaa..i don't know what else to talk.... U2 is coming to st.louis and dendre is dying to see the concert but the thing is..the ticket is sold out like..an hour after they first open the ticket window..wow...most people even lining up the night before they sell the ticket. So..i guess we won't go to see the concert then......poor nduti...i hope like we can find a way somehow at the last minute..=)..amin ya nduti.

 Sometimes i don't understand why people tell lies..to make them looks better? to make people appreciate more? to make people think they're high class and all that..? i just don't get that...just be yourself and if you are a good person...people will like you no matter what kind of cars you are driving..what kind of social cliche you're from and all that...you don't have to make stories up..*sigh*

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