I'm so done

November 16, 2001

so happy right now..feel so relieved and no pressure at all. The reason is because i'm done for the week, i just took my research test..i think i handled the multiple choice questions okay, i'm not sure about the essay part tho..not that bad i hope..*i need those 40 bonus points*, beside that..i'm happy because i got 93 for my finance quiz...yey...=), i'm also happy because i talked to debbie last night about ASAF and i told her that it's better for me to quit...she was okay with that..i guess, well she was just smiling and telling me not to worry..she said she's not mad at me or anything..so that means she's cool right ? *i hope she's telling the truth*?. Oh yes so i don't have to go to all of the meetings and don't have to bother about the activities and all that..if they have an event and if i can come i can come and if i can't..no pressure...oh that's so wonderful. Especially since they have a general meeting right now and i'm so not in the mood to participate..hehe.

Another reason why i feel so happy is because tomorrow is friday..and i'm going to see my nduti..=), i'm not sure if i only spend the weekend over there or i make it straight till thanksgiving..we'll see!.

I just cleaned up my room a little bit..can't believe how messy it was. Now i'm updating klikmarketing here and there..i love my klikmarketing and i don't want to just leave it like that..i want to maintain it and update it as often as i can. There are still people visiting the site anyway.

What else yaa..oh i called my mom last night..around 2 in the morning..she wasn't home..i just wanted to ask about the package i sent from here the other day, i tracked it on the website..it's said it has arrived in Jakarta, i hope the post office folks does not mess around with my package cos i read in kafegaul forum that a lot of people complaining about jakarta's post office, most of them get their package stolen and they actually change it to some illegal stuff so that they can charge them or fine them. that's pathetic..! I hope my package gets there safely..untouch!

Anyway, i met martha on the way back from school this afternoon and she told me she cooked rendang today and asked me to have dinner with her...hehe...my pleasure martha..=)

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