My ears hurt

November 29, 2001

whenever it's freezin outside, my ears are the one that's affected the most..i really need some ear plug or something..!. Pheww, i'm done for today's assignment..i don't care anymore if they are all far from perfect...i did my best..and dendre has done his best too. The website is pretty cool tho, i think that's the perfect one among the other stuff..hope Dr. Bruner will like'll be awesome if we could put some sound on the website also actually..but there is no way we could do it with such a short period of time.

My exam today was okay, i didn't study that much but i think i did okay..but i was pissed off that i changed one of my answer because i look at the answer sheet that belongs to the girl who sits next tome..and when i get out of the class and i checked the answer with my notes..damn, my first answer was the correct one. isn't that
stupid..? How come you trust other more than you trust yourself?

I'm talking to azelin in yahoo messenger right is so sweet to talk to an old friend who was once really close to you, well..lin is not just a bestfriend, she's more like a sister to me..and i still feel close to her..even though we don't really talk a lot..(now is the first time i talked to her since a few months ago)..we're still close at heart. The way i look at it..she's like a resemble of an angel..i mean, that girl does not have a mean bone in her body..she's supernice!.

i guess i talk to you later, i need to clean up my room since it's messy all around...

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