A quickie

November 29, 2001

i'm doing my objective three for my research class..there is only one word for this project..boring. I should have taken only this one class for the whole semester, i mean seriously..this class is so so so much work that i feel like i could do better in my other class if my time is not so consumed by this class.

I just got back from Great Shape..the fitness center to get cathy signature for the client approval form, and i also went to the arena to buy the tickets for saturday game. Mbak Titi just called and she invited me to have dinner (it's actually buka puasa) in her house this friday..cool, i sure could use some more indonesian food..hehe. I'm not fasting today by the way..*shame on me*...

well, that's all..i need to finish my project..i'll get back to you in a little while..=)

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