July 27, 2001

It's thursday morning, my last day of school here at SWIC, well..SWIC is okay, but john a logan is a lot better for sure...the thing i like at SWIC is the teacher are really really nice, especially my biology teacher ..! anyway, i've been trying to change the template but for some reasons it just doesn't work. I just finished my breakfast's egg and cheese biscuit from mc favorite breakfast menu. i ordered from the drive thru window on my way home after dropping dendre at the metro station. When they handed me my order, i don't know why..but i sensed like something is wrong with my order, i was afraid they put the sausage on it even though i did tell them that i just want egg and simple as that. So as i got home and checked it,'s not the's the cheese!!..they didn't put any cheese on it...urgh..the best part of of the biscuit is the cheese....*ugh* i tried to use the one in the refrigator instead...

I called my mom just now, and halehidah was there and mom said all of them will go to Bandung this weekend to attend ka denny's wedding *congratulation*..!. I called my mom just to make sure that everything is okay, because i had a nightmare last night and it scares the hell out of me. I dreamt that my mom and Ibnu joined the survivor show..(okay, that was quite funny), i didn't know how it went but next thing i knew i found them here in the states and they were soo skinny i could see the bones sticking out from their body and they were so worn out, so pale and covered with muds, their clothes were tattered and mom was even had no clothes on her top...oh my god..=(, it was so strange, they seemed like they couldn't walk anymore and almost fainted.

So I was so shocked when i saw them and i ran into them and i hugged them and asked them what happened, but they were so weak they couldn't even open their mouth..*oh god..* So i took them to some house, i don't know whose house it was but there was no bed or anything in that house so then i ran into my grandma's house which was accross the street, and i borrowed some blankets from her and she also gave me some foods, and then i fed my mom and's like they have never seen food for years, they told me they have been eating worms and all that ..ooh..=(.

I hugged ibnu all the time, i still can feel him in my arms now..=( , i remember he was soo light... and then i was like planning what i was gonna do next, like i planned to take them to a hotel so they could rest for a couple of days, i planned to supply them with lots and lots of foods and i also planned to take them to the doctor and i was like made a promise to my self that i will take a good care of them for the rest of my life...that i will never ever let them suffering like that..=(. .

Oh man, thank god it was just a dream, but that was deep and feel like real... and it really gets to me you know, in fact i'm a bit sad right now....ohh i wish they were here with me...I miss all of them.!...and hope that dream is not like a sign of something bad..ooh, let's just not get into that, i hope that's just because i missed them so bad and so the other way around...

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