Banana Split

July 31, 2001

I'm eating banana split a la hanzky right now, hehehe. I have been in front of the computer for a couple hours now, my eyes are really tired and i think i need to add more power on my glasses too. But i'm glad i had figuring out how to make the templates work, because we just reboot the computer so i had to set up some of the klikmarketing files all over again. I chatted with astrid this morning and i have finally finishing my email for her, it's like 7 pages in microsoft word, no double spaces...!. anyway, budi msg me also but i just ignored him, hehehe...dendre chatted with him yesterday, but dendre was pretending to be a friend of mine and they were like arguing or something, hehehe...that guy is so freakig annoying

I called Kim to ask about my room reservation, she said if i don't come earlier, i might not get the room that i want but there's plenty of other room that i can choose, well..that don't really matter i think...

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