Goodbye SWIC

July 27, 2001

Hmm, I just got back from taking my last final for this summer...good bye SWIC, hehe...! It's nice outside, even it's a bit cloudy but still...a whole lot better than was like hell!.

History test was okay,  I didn't study that much tho..because the material that covered on test were Judaism, Christianity and Islam. I felt like I didn't have to study the Islam part since I was born with it . Anyway...Ilike this history class, it's a history of religion class, but I prefer if it's more like a discussion thing..with no test or anything...:), because it really is interesting. To be honest, this class makes me think that all religions are basically the same, especially the acosmic religion like Judaism, Christian, Islam, Baha'i and all that. I didn't know that Islam in fact is the youngest religion, I thought Islam like the first religion ever..hehe. I think that's how I believed all this long!..Now I've learned that Islam came after Judaism and that's why we have a lot in common with Jewish. I also learned that basicly all religions established of the same reason. Somebody who then called its founder figure claimed that he received a message from God and then he spread it to all of the people...!.

So my question is, how do we know which one is the one if there is more than one who claimed that he received a message from God?...I don't's not like Im starting to doubt my own religion or anything, but it makes me think that maybe all religion is almost the same, at least it aims to bring people to do good deeds right?..Well, my teacher made a good point, he said that we don't have to bother whether all the history that we have been told were trully happened or not, whether the founder really received the message or whether all the miracle things were really happened...what's matter is that the story have a good tell people that they have to do good things to others...!.so..yea...I follow him .

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