Female Daily Network Year End Dinner

January 28, 2017

The theme was: #FDNmoviestars. And guess who I was dressing as? None other than Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and The City the Movie 2. She wore this during her trip to one of Dubai Souk. The outfit obviously is so not me but hey let's wear something out of the ordinary once in a while. But I love-love-love the skirt, thanks to Siren Clothing who got it done in just a few short days. I wore her collection too for Best of Beauty Awards dinner in 2015. You can check her collection here.  I will definitely wear the skirt again with different mix and match next time. 

It was a fun night! Everybody went all out, even our security guys and OB dressed up. We had all kinds of movie characters, from the legendary Genk Cinta & Si Pitung to Cartoon Characters like The Chipmunks to scary movie and sci-fi that I would never understand. The night started with a video that showed our progress for the year, followed by a little story for me then games and more fun games.

I told them the two stories that happened to me in the last few months. Remember this? So that was actually a story of us almost getting a partner who was really good at product, especially app development. This kind of skill is still very rare in Indonesia, even this one we met was not Indonesian. We worked together for about a month, and then suddenly he told me he wanted to give it a shot to another opportunity as an entrepreneur and had to say goodbye to the plan we were about to pursue in FDN. I was dissapointed of course, I remember it was Friday night and I shed a tear in front of my laptop :D

But God does work in a mysterious way. On Sunday one of our VCs introduce me to this guy named Han who is also good at product and at that time owned his mobile development company with an army of engineers called J-Tech. So we met on Monday and a few times after that. After a series of discussions, this was announced. You see, God was really nice to me and Female Daily Network. When he took away the first option, it wasn't like he didn't want to give us a product guy, it was because he wanted to give us a product guy + the team. An even grandeur option cause now we have 9 more people in the tech team. So always remember that even if everything doesn't go out as planned, a better plan will eventually come. 

Another story was a funny one. It happened when we had a new team member, Nope, in the office in the middle of the week. The new one usually started on Monday and introduced to everyone during our session. So anyway, I wasn't in the office in his first two days at work and bumped into him in the Musholla in his third day. So I greeted him, tell him my name and said sorry I wasn't there to welcome him. And to my surprise, he asked me 'Mbak Hani dari divisi apa ya?'...whaaattt...hahahaha. This was the first time it ever happened but maybe I have to get used to it because apparently I'm still a nobody even in my own office :D. But then after a minute he realized that it's the founder that was in front of him :D :D. I just laughed and told myself that I need to work harder so I don't have to introduce myself, at least to people in the office..hahaha. Thank you for the reminder, Nope. Humbling, indeed :p

with my Mr Big who forgot his suuit
 QB + Han

Love to be around them everyday :)

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