Ramadhan Lessons

July 01, 2016

last year photo in front of the old  office with the old logo

Today is day 26 of Ramadhan. Even Jib said he can't believe that Ramadhan is almost over. Of course lah he is been sleeping at 2am, wake up for sahur and sleep again until at least noon -___- 

But gotta agree with him, this month goes by in a blink. 

Ramadhan is of course not without its blessings and lessons. I'm thankful I've been kept busy this month, meeting many important people, talking about important decisions, major presentations, doing everything I can to move the company forward. Everything that happened this Ramadhan has set a new standard and expectation. 

Challenges still present obviously but as long as you believe that His plan is better than yours then there's nothing to worry too much. Just last week I thought I had all the puzzles I needed and ready to tackle this one mission, and guess what, one quick meeting and I was back to square one! Tears were almost dropped alright but hey one stumbling block doesn't mean your dream is shattered. So I shrugged my shoulder and told myself that this is nothing I can not handle.

And what do I know, the next Monday I was presented with something much much better than what I have lost the week before. In just 3 days He showed me that there are far better and bigger fishes in the sea and that I could have much more that I have ever dreamed of. It's his message to tell me to trust him and to dream bigger.

During Ramadhan last year, around this time, the last few days of Ramadhan..Oki and I were talking about our plans and we decided to go for this one thing and to our surprise this one thing was up for us to grab. I mean it was something really obvious we didn't expect the opportunity to be that wide open. Has He been saving that for us? Is this what you call destiny?

So that was my Ramadhan story. Hope you have a meaningful Ramadhan too and hope this holy month has elevated our faith to an even greater height. Let's make the best of these last few days. 

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