A note on #37

May 22, 2016

Youthmanual has its Rise Up event today at University of Indonesia. A fun but empowering seminar for high school students. Yep I was spending my birthday with the people half my age, but they still call me Kak, so pheww. The event was craazyyy, the auditorium was full with 500 students from the Generation Z. 

Move out Gen Y, because Gen Z is coming!

So amazed with team Youthmanual who can  pull such a big event in such a short time. Terharu banget liat dan baca respon-responnya tadi yang bilang mereka terinspirasi banget dengan eventnya dan minta dibikinin lagi. I mostly sat by the exit the whole event and I can tell you that no one left before the event was over. Gen Z is known to be the hardest to crack but I guess when you’re on their side, understand what they are going through and when you speak their language and bring value to them, they’ll be engaged.

Of course Oki was so busy leading up to the event, coming home close to midnight almost every single day. But it’s so moving to see him so passionate with what he is doing and want Youthmanual to be the platform that guide them every step of the way to find their passion, strength and career. Happy that he can finally feel what I’ve been feeling all along with Female Daily Network. The passion and the burning desire to create and make things happen. It’s a beatiful thing when you sleep less but you don’t mind because the reality is better than your dreams. I really hope many people can experience this feeling.

So that’s one of the things that I’m thankful for today, to see him excited, to know that both of us create something that we believe in and to know that when the audience goes home, they bring a new knowledge and aspiration to become better and fight for a better future. Mudah-mudahan banyak manfaatya ya. 

Terharu juga baca birthday messages in WhatsApp from everyone in the office, family and close friends. They remind me on how lucky I have been all along. I was stunned when Nadia said 'aku gak tau mau doain apa lagi seems like you already have all the wonderful thing in life'...whoa...she is right. I do have wonderful things, everything I need and many things I want that I feel like I'll be too greedy if I ask for more. So thank you Nad for the reminder :)

When we were at the event, Je was in Hana’s house and Jib was in my grandma’s house. Again, something to be thankful that we have a very close family and that the kids can just go to their aunts/uncles/cousings/grandma/greatgrandma house anytime.

I got home around 7. I know I’ve said to my mom that maybe I would go to my grandma’s house but I was too tired because I left home at 7am today. Not too long after that Farah sent me a picture of a birthday cake with the candles on from my mom! whoaaa, this made me cry! I was so disappointed at myself for not dragging my lazy bum to my grandma’s house earlier. It's MY Birthday I should have spent some times with the family who have been there since I was born. I should have known better. It kills me to imagine my mom thinking about this idea, going to the cake shop and buy me this cake with the intent to surprise me only to find that her daugther chose to stay home instead. I feel like such an insensitive daugther :(. They said Jib blew the candles for me..huhu. I hate to feel this guilt. I'd rather be dissapointed than being the one who dissapoint my loved ones :(. I'm sorry mama but I hope you know just how much I appreciate everything you've done for me. All that I am now is because of you, the amazing mom who raised me and because of your endless prayer.  

So there I closed the day feeling a terrible guilt at least knowing that even on my 37 birthday my mom still plan a little surprise for me makes me feel LOVED.

Note to self: spend more time with the family!

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