Hello from Pejaten Barat #46

May 25, 2016

A little story on the wall near the receptionist are

--this was written on the 18 but somehow it just sat on the draft folder--

Finally, the day to say bye to Kemang office has come! I have a lot to share about our new office and the sentimental feeling leaving our old office, but let's save that for another day. Today I just feel like rambling.

  • Last two days were crazy because on top of preparing for the move, we had BOD meeting yesterday. There's so many reports to prepare leading up to the meeting, slides to prepare and some times mental to toughen up..hahaha. 
  • There were times where I kind of underestimate my schedule that I didn't have time to sit down on my desk to actually do the work. So the past week I had to reschedule some of the meetings cause I just couldn't squeeze it anymore.
  • Last weekend we had youthmanual event and 3 Female Daily Network event on Saturday. This wasn't event where we were invited by brands this was the event with our communiity that we organized for clients. Most of the time I didn't have anything to do with the event, but imagine the hecticness that the team was facing? 
  • We didn't use any movers or architect or interior designer for the new office, so we did everything ourselves with some help from my driver, my mom's driver, nopai's driver, a few construction workers, OB and Pak Satpam during the day. The construction and remodelling started from 1.5 month ago and there were just so many details, from making sure they tore down the right walls to changing the ceiling and flooring, choosing the sink, kitchen cabinet, toilet and everything else. Good thing it's something I enjoy doing. 
  • Too bad work won't settle by itself so still we had to finish whatever it was we had to do, sometimes until past night, sleeping 4 - 5 hours a night. But it was worth it when someone in your team tried to figure out a task and we had a discussion close to midnight and he said ‘I can’t sleep until I figured it out’. To know someone in your team cares as much recharges and refuel my tank.
  • On the way back from BOD meeting to check on the progress of the new office yesterday someone WhatsApp me and said "I want you to be super successful and I'll do what I can to help". Whoa, how can some people be so nice? You have no idea how much it boosted my confidence. As an entrepreneur, we have many people praising us. But people who said that they believe in us and have so much faith in us and our business? Not many There are people who doubt you more than those who believe in you. So this was priceless. 
  • My homework this week: find out more about Daily Huddles and read the Rockefeller Habits by Verge Garnish.
  • As if the chaos wasn't enough, Jehan was also sick. She had mild fever on and off, so I brought her to the doctor after 3 days. Turned out it was a light sinusitis and a sore throat.

Anyway, semua ini kebayar banget dengan senengnya ngeliat anak-anak yang excited untuk pindahan.  I still remember their faces when we announced that we're moving. I record Gyanda's Snapchat when they were checking the soon-to-be our office during lunch time, in the rain. The fun they have packing boxes. I'm so grateful to have such an awesome bunch of people in Female Daily office. Masih terharu waktu denger anak-anak mau kasih kado ke satpam gedung (who is actually hired by the spa above) karena sedih mau ninggalin dia. They didn't know that actually Pak Arfan was coming with us, pas diumumin langsung pada girang. They even say bye to our favorite abang sate accross the office...haha.

My physique might be super tired but my mind is happy and my heart is bursting with so much gratitude #alhamdulillah.

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