The Long Awaited Leather Jacket

April 22, 2016

        first time wearing it, visiting Amanda in Den Haag

I've been wanting a leather jacket for as long as I remember. A well-fitted classic, black or dark brown leather jacket. When I lived in the States, I didn't have the money to splurge or one even though I knew it was something I could've worn everyday during fall and winter. Now that I can splurge a little bit it still not that easy to justify on buying one because unlike bag, we won't get to wear one often here in Jakarta.
But you always wear outerwear everyday and even wear a trench coat once in a while, I told to myself. Still, it's not easy. I compensated on buying a faux leather jacket but it still not the same, you know. I wanted the real thing!

So last year before my trip to Europe, I told myself to get it over with and just get the damn jacket! :D Besides, what's more perfect ocassion to get it other than during vacation to Europe where it should be cheaper. Lucky me, it was a cold summer days in Europe so it was just meant to be. After sightseeing to Van Gogh museum we walk to PC Hooftstraat, a shopping street in Amsterdam. I found a Massimo Dutti store in the corner and prayed that they have the kind of jacket I was looking for. It did, I tried it on and I knew it was coming home with me.

Yayy, my first leather jacket..haha...after all the contemplation you would think I'd be getting a Valentino jacket or something. Nope, just something from the high street brand would do. 

After the Europe trip, the jacket happily came with me to the US and hopefully many more trips :)

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