The Horrible Dengue Fever

April 20, 2016

Last Wednesday morning, I was feeling fantastic. I felt healthy, hair was bouncy and I was looking forward for the event held by Facebook and L'Oreal Paris at night. I had morning meeting, UX discussion in the afternoon and got a visit from Ambar Beautyfoolosophy who came all the way from New York (and got me my Tata Harper goodiesss). 

It was meant for a good day until I started feeling nauseated during the UX discussion. And then everything just went downhill from there. My palms turn pale, cold, wrinkly and numb, my head went so heavy and dizzy I could barely walk straight so I just canceled everything and went home.

At night, I had a high fever (39.6!) that ran until the next few days. Every single bones in my body aches. It must have feel like when you've just got run by a truck, it was that bad. So we went to the hospital to get my blood check. The NS1 came back positive; dengue fever! But since the platelet count was not that high, I remember it was 160,000 the doctor let me go home  after an IV and to have it checked again within 24 hours. I don't think I remember much of anything because I was always sleepy, I was very weak and started to throw up on Friday. So when I was back for another round of blood test the doctor ordered me to stay in the hospital. I think I must have passed out at the admission table before they ushered me to wait at the emergency room.

this pink liquid hurts so much when it goes through the vein

So there, my very first experience staying in the hospital, outside of giving birth. I sure hope to never spend night there away it was the worst. Dengue fever is no joke, guyss. I was released this morning, even though the platelet count is still so low at 67,000 but I feel much better and all of the other results are looking good, that's why the doctor allowed me to go home, with a strict total bedrest note. Pheww, at least it's better than being in the hospital.

8:30pm and still wearing school uniform -__-

I hope this ends all the negatives vibes out of this house and that everyone is always healthy from now own. Last March was bad because Jib, Je and I took turn with a cold and then Ibnu had a dengue fever. I thought I would have a very productive April. Turn out *sigh*. I hope everyone is on a healthier note than I am. Please take care of your body, nourish it with healthy food, workout and rest properly. Never ever take your health for granted. Je slept on the hospital with me on Saturday night. I remember my eyes felt warm and moist when I saw at her little face looking at me from under the blanket. I promised to always take care of my health, she deserves a healthy mother. 

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