What's Inside My Chanel GST

August 29, 2015

In case you're wondering, nope,  my bag is not this neat most of the time. It only happens when I changed bag, or after I clean up the mess on Sunday night.

Anyway, featured here is my Chanel GST that I got 4 years ago. For work bags, I’m always looking for something that fits my daily essential. I don’t want it to be oversized, just enough to fit my laptop to avoid bringing two bags to meetings. Other than the size, leather is a must! Non leather bags can look too casual sometimes, especially when it’s slouchy. Oh speaking of slouchyness, I like my work bag structured to lend a more professional look. It also has to be solid and neutral color so I don’t have to change bag when I wear prints.

So, what’s inside it?

  • My Dell Inspiron 11 series 3000 laptop. Thank God for this light and thin laptop I have no problem carrying it in my bag. It weighs in at 1.4 kg. Sometimes, my makeup bag is heavier than this laptop :D. Just like I can be picky with bag, I’m also very particular with my laptop. Specs and features are important but design is ultra important for me. The thinner and the lighter it is, the better! Second requirement is it has to look sleek and modern, techy but feminine. In this Dell laptop, I also like the fact that the body is actually plastic but it’s made to look and feel like aluminium. Plastic doesn’t scratch easily, which is of course a plus especially since I carry it in my bag without a laptop case sometimes. So design wise it’s perfect for me. 
  • Louis Vuitton Sarah Wallet. It has more receipt than it has cash..*sigh*
  • Michael Kors business card case
  • Eyeglasses case that I got from Scoop
  • Female Daily Makeup pouch. The makeup pouch and the inside deserves a separate post. 
If you like to see what others carry in their bag, you can see the What's Inside Her Bag column in Female Daily

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