Say Bye to Power Cord!

August 25, 2015

Well, not that I don't need it anymore, but surprisingly I don't use it that much with this Dell Inspiron 11 Series 3000. I charged it all night and I don't have to charge it again during the day the next day if I don't use it non stop.

Is the battery really last that long? Well, up to 8 hours if I only use it for email and Microsoft offices and browsing in between. And sometimes, when I have meetings, the laptop stays idle for long so the battery is not running out.

In the world where constant connectivity and mobility is a must, I really do appreciate this plus point. Even if I'm staying in the office all day, I still move from one spot to another. From working in my desk, to the meeting room, to the lounge area and even pantry and sometimes, standing in any spot I can find. So of course it would be a hassle if I have to bring the power cords around had the battery doesn't last long. 

By the way, speaking of working while standing, do you know that it gives huge benefits? On average, office workers sit for about 5 more hours per day and this can harm you in so many ways. It doesn't matter if you eat healthy food and exercise regularly, sitting everyday for that long can cancel out the benefits that living healthily gives. So now you know to bring your laptop to a higher table and type away while standing. I've never conducted a stand-up meeting before, maybe I should do that soon. I'm sure the meeting will be short and efficient :).

Anyway, another reason why I don't bring the power cord? Many people in the office use DELL so I can just borrow from one of them. HA! :)

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