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December 09, 2013

I have to admit, for a more efficient and effective work out, Personal trainer is the way to go. My fastest trimmed down was when, along with clean eating, I exercised with a PT. I don't have much time to exercise so whenever I can, I need to make sure I squeezed as much sweat I possibly can. And that is something that won't happen when I workout by myself because I tend to stop at the first sign of soreness, or the first drop of sweat. With a PT somehow they know how much you can take and will push you harder and harder and make you break that wall in front of you.

So yes now I'm back with the routine. Going to my favorite Fitness First in Lippo Mall Kemang Village. Back with the familiar but long forgotten DOMS. It's good because whenever I experience it, I will make sure to watch what I eat so my exercise didn't go to waste. It's a cycle that benefit my fat loss journey.

Some of my friends ask me why I need yet another PT when I'm not a beginner anymore in the gym. Here's why:

  • I'm a firm believer on technique. It's better to do a squat 5 times with a correct technique than 20 times with the wrong posture. Bad technique can also lead you to injury. So it's very dangerous. A PT will inspect your every moves. He/she will check if your feet on the right width, if you lean properly and if you breathe and lock your core as you are supposed to.
  • Someone to keep you on track! The PT will happily message you and send reminder for every appointment. That way you are less likely to skip or pretend you forgot your workout.
  • Progress! It's always exciting when you see progress or when other notice you've been working hard. Progress doesn't necessarily lower number on the scale but maybe from the number of weight in the plates that you can take, he/she can check if your posture is better or if your stamina is increasing. With a PT, there’s always something to celebrateJ.
  • Variety of exercise. Well just admit it that sometimes exercise can be boring. A PT will design your workout to make sure you use all the muscle equally. They are good at giving variety of movement so no exercise session will always be the same. You always learn something new each appointment

I can go on and now but I have an appointment with my PT in an gotta go and get sweaty J.  IF you are interested to work out with a PT, you can read more about it in You can even do a match test to see which PT suits your needs. And psstt…you can also get a free trial. No need to wait until new year to start a new habit. J

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