How to Choose The Right Personal Trainer

December 11, 2013

I’ve been working out with 4 different personal trainers, so yes I can definitely share my experience on how to choose the right one.

 “We can choose?” you asked. Oh yes you can. Some women are more comfortable with female personal trainer. And there are a few levels of personal trainer starting from the newer ones to the most advanced ones. Of course, the ones with the longest experience come with a higher fee. But if you can afford the best, why not, right? :D. But I can assure you, the newer ones will be just as good, come with certification and all that. They are worth the investment.

Here’s a few things you can think of when choosing the right personal trainer for you.

  • Check if his/her schedule matches yours. No matter how good the PT is if he is fully booked, or if he is only available in the morning when you can only workout in the evening, you will never have a chance to have a workout session.
  • Talk to a few of them first. Ask what their training philosophies are, why they got into fitness industry and check how passionate they are with their job. You should get a feel on which one you can work with or have personal connection.
  • When you talk to them, tell them about your condition or if you might have injury in the past, and what you want to achieve out of this fitness journey. See if they have a specific training plan for you. From there you can tell which one you feel most supportive to your case.
  • Ask them about their previous or current clients. My current trainer happily showed me the progress of his previous clients, the before and after picture, how long it took them to reach their goals and what kind of training he/she developed for each specific clients. If you see they have long-term clients, chances are the personal trainer must be good that they can retain loyal clients.
  • Also ask them if they have any specialties. Some have yoga certification or maybe boxing, Pilates, nutrition or massage therapist. It would be perfect if they have experience in the specific category that you’re looking for it’s
  • Observe them. When they work with their clients, you can walk around and see how they handle their clients.
Do their physique look good? :D Not all personal trainers come with lean body and well-built muscle. I’m not saying that those who don’t look like they practice what their preach won’t help you get to your goals, but somehow it just affects me mentally.

I think what I wrote above is enough to get you started! Don’t worry, based on my experience you don’t have to worry with the personal trainer in Fitness First. They are all very nice and friendly people and care about your goal. Many times when I worked out by myself they will come by and correct my form if I do things improperly, or offer help when I look confused on how to use the equipment. And what I like about the program in Fitness First is, they have as little as 5 sessions for personal trainer program. So if you’re still not sure, you don’t have to commit for long term. And if you want to change personal trainer, you can do it too. So don’t hesitate…the right personal trainer can do wonder for your fitness development .

And again, if you’re still unsure, you can visit FF personal trainer related website here: There you can fill out a quick survey to find out your needs and the kind of personal trainers that match your fitness goal. Brief profile of the personal trainers are available for you to browse around so you can get a sense on their backgrounds to have a personalized program, only for you ☺. #FFLetsGetPersonal

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