Hoping For November Rain to Stop..

November 15, 2013

No, not the actual rain. That, I don't mind. But it's the pouring rain of sad news that have been happening in my family.

Three weeks ago, my aunt (my dad sister) passed away. She's already old and had been sick on and off for the past year. Two weeks ago, my long-distance cousin, also from my dad's side, passed away. He had an accident at Pondok Indah toll road and didn't make it to the hospital. It was a really heart-breaking story. Yesterday, another of my dad's aunt, the youngest one, passed away. Just like her sister, she had been sick on and off. She also had a down syndrome since she was born so her organs are not functioning properly to begin with.

Three family members gone in a span of 3 weeks. That's kinda hard to digest, you know :(. I pray with all my might to not hear anymore sad news for a long long time.

In addition to that, I've also been receiving unfortunate news from the people around me. Affi was hospitalized for more than a week last month, Ipong's (Travelers Daily Managing Editor) mother has gone through surgery and diagnosed with cancer last week. Andy's parents, he is our developer, had an accident last month and had to stay in the hospital and went through some surgeries. Ningsih (our administrative assistant) lost her new motorcycle. Griss (Fashionese Daily Editor) had chicken pox. My mom's sister fell down and broke her arms. What else? Oh my friend's son, Astrid is also at the hospital right now.

And this reminds me that I really should go see my grandma this weekend. She hasn't been feeling really well either.

Let's hope for a healthier & safer tomorrow for everyone. And hold your loved ones tight, people. I know I wanna go home and hug my kids right now.

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  1. Mbak Hanzky, turut berduka cita ya.. Yang tabah ya, hopefully after hard storm, rainbow appears.. :)

  2. @Pasha Agoes & @Dela1988 thank you yaa :) Alhamdulillah so far semuanya baik-baik aja :)