The Benefit of Working Out in a Gym

December 30, 2013

I love outdoor, I really do. In fact, I run outdoor once a week. Either during Car Free Day on Sunday Morning or on a late Sunday afternoon in GBK. But let’s admit it, first the locations are not exactly near my house. And with the rainy season like now, it’s too easy to use the rain as an excuse not to exercise J. Not good, right? :D

So that’s why I’m still keeping my gym membership. True, there were times when I only went to the gym once or twice a month. It cringed me everytime I received my credit card bill and found out that I’m still paying for it, wheter I use it or not! But those days are long gone as I go there at least twice a week now. The more I realized the wonderful things exercise does to me, the easier it is to commit to it.
Here’s why I love my gym; Fitness First in Lippo Mall  Kemang Village J

  • Like I said earlier, weather plays a huge factor sometimes. With an indoor gym, you can go anytime from 6am to 10pm, rain or shine.
  •  Of course, you have access to highly experienced personal trainers. By[F1]  the way, you can choose which personal trainer fits you best at its website here. #FFletsgetpersonal . And even if you haven’t decided to work with a personal trainer, they are always around to help you with using the equipments or answer your questions.
  • Access to variety of exercise. Zumba, Yoga, Pilates, Step, Body Pump, Muay Thai, anything to suit your fancy or your mood.
  • The locker and the shower of course. I like to exercise in the morning after I drop my daughter to school. With the little time I have before my first meeting, I can go to the gym and then take a shower and get dressed comfortably. Trust me, I’m so picky when it comes to communal bathroom. But the one in Fitness First is practically as clean as your own bathroom at home so you can take a shower with ease. After that, if you are not comfortable in showing your flesh to the other women in the locker, you can put your clothes on privately in the changing room. My old gym didn’t have that so I had to bring my clothes to the shower cubicle and there were times when my clothes got wet. Oh the trouble. And then once you get dressed, there are plenty of mirror and vanity table for you to do your makeup. They even provide hair dryers. See, you don’t have to compromise on your looks even if you have to get dressed in the gym
  • Equipment to help you at any stage of your fitness journey.  I tried to exercise at home as I have quite a mini gym at home. Treadmill, bench, barbell, dumbbells, stationery bikes, skip rope. I have it. But there’s so much I can do in a very limited space. And I have to keep on buying heavier barbell plates or dumbbells if I want to keep breaking my own records so it’s not that practical. And I’m running out of space to store my fitness equipment.
  • The Energy. I love going to the gym in the morning with the upbeat music blasting all around. The energy is just different. I also love looking at the determined people in the gym, trying to live a healthier life and be in charge of their health.
  • No need to wear sunscreen :D. Well I still wear mine but I don’t have the fear of getting heavily exposed to the sun compare to working out outdoor.
  • My gym is in Lippo Mall. Meaning I can go to the gym, stop by for some supplies at Ace Hardware, do my weekly grocery shopping at Hypermart, have breakfast/lunch/dinner depending on the time, I can even have my hair or nail done if I want to and best of all, I can pick up a cup of Pearl Milk Tea at Chatime as a reward. With half sugar, ofcourse J. Convenience like that is a luxury here in Jakarta.

Can’t wait to go to my next PT session tomorrow J.  

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