The ones with the leap of faith

August 19, 2013

Today was the first day back to the office and I was surprised to see these pictures hanging on our community center :). 

Turned out, Toples, our photographer worked hard last night to have it hung until 3am! A few months ago, I told him about the idea of having the wall of fame in our community center. We made it a secret project. Took picture of everyone and told them it was for the press card. Little did they know we turned it into something like this. And Toples still managed to surprise me because I didn't know he was planning to do it last night.

Most of the time, I still can't believe we have that many people in the HQ and those are not even all of us. Cesa, Andy & Andre along with Toples the photographer pictures are not up yet. And we're still hiring :o). 25 and counting! Soon we'll have to find more spaces to hang more pictures. Or we have to remake them into smaller ones :D

So yes, those are the people behind Female Daily Network. The ones that run the engine and keep it moving. The ones that make things happen. The deal maker. The creative ones despite the limited resources. The productive bunch of people. Thank you for believing in Female Daily and for trusting the process. The best is yet to come :)

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