WhatsApp, Little Girl?

August 10, 2013

Recently, Jehan discovered a new technology called WhatsApp....and Blackberry Messenger. Aand she is messaging everyone she knows, from her grandma to her cousin and her mbak. Aaand she always asked me every few minutes if so and so has replied her message. Tsk tsk.  


Well, maybe it's how you hone in your writing skill in this modern days, no? By the way, she can navigate the touch screen effortlessly, but it takes her some adjustment with Blackberry Qwerty. I wonder if everything will be touchscreen in the future.

Here's some of her WhatsApp messages.

UntitledUntitled UntitledUntitled

Haha..pardon the typo..it's good enough she can write those with no assistance. I was shocked that she shorten lagi to lg..and that Ak?...arghh I hope she just missed the u and didn't mean to type aku in the alay way. I'm a little afraid she is exposed to the improper Bahasa Indonesia too early.

But hey for now, I'll just find comfort in knowing that my little girl is courteous enough by saying thank you & the fact she is complimentary. My sweet sweet girl :')

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  1. Awww she's such a sweetheart. Can you ask her to whatsapp me, Haan? :D

  2. Nggak mau dia Van...:D. Waktu itu pernah mau Whatsapp Diah salah malah msg Amal, trus dia tengsin berat..hahaha

  3. Jehan pinteeer!!