What Do You Mean, The Good Old Days?

August 01, 2013

I had a nice conversation today with Nina (the girl behind Go Girl Magazine) and Kennedy (the guy behind Globetrotter Magazine) with his wife, Muriel. We were talking about the media industry and how to run the media business in Indonesia. Since we're all entrepreneurs, of course the discussion led to managing a business, the challenge we face, the project we're working on and so on.

I think we're all agree that a big part of managing a business is actually managing people. Go Girl started way earlier than Female Daily Network so Nina has gone through a lot, from happy times to tough times to even tougher times. Just like Female Daily, Go Girl started small. It's still a growing company where they have to learn through trial and error on what's work and what's not. Go Girl back then of course is a lot different than Go Girl today considering it's been more than 10 years since they have been around. And of course, that's a good thing. If they stay the same that means they're not growing, right?

But funnily, sometimes they would hear comments from the team on how they missed the old Go Girl. Yes, that same good old days sentiment again. Oh how I dislike that statement. I might have used the statement once or twice but I've learned my lesson because I think saying 'the good old days', especially when you really mean it will undermine the good things that are really happening now. I wonder if people who always use that phrase really want to go back to the old days again? Why are they  #gagalmoveon? Have they examined closely on how it was like back in the days? Or is it only natural that people remember the good thing and forget the bad thing?

In Female Daily, some times we do talk about the old days. The day where we could eat out everyday without worrying about our next meeting, the day where we didn't have target to meet or certain numbers to achieve. Of course they were good day but the present is way much better than the past. Yes the workload is increasing but so does the paycheck. Yes we have the annoying KPI now but it goes parallel with the benefit & the compensation that we give. Yes we expect an improved performance but hey that's work and it's like that everywhere else. 

Thank God I haven't heard my team saying they miss the good old days. If they do, I wonder what they miss. Is it to bring their own laptop to work? Is it not to have insurance reimbursement arrangement? Or maybe they missed the time when we couldn't yet afford an office boy so they have to clean the office, wash their own dishes & wait for the cab themselves? I wonder if they miss the slow Internet connection and the unreliable server too? And not having their leave and substitute weekend properly calculated?

So yes that's how it is, you take some, you give some. You win some, you lose some. When you look at it that way, you can take a deep breath of relieve knowing that the life you're living now is actually better. When it comes to business, I can only hope that my team has the faith that all the changes, the newly-implemented system and everything we're doing is to make it a better place to work.

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  1. Kalo bagi gue, good old days lebih ke masa muda di mana pinggang belum gampang melar dan gampang encok, Han. Hehehe.. Dari pagi sampai malam masih segar bugar ngerjain ini itu. Btw, new layout nih, keren blognya!

  2. Kalau gue, sesekali rindu masa sebelum nikah dan punya anak di mana tanggung jawab belum sebesar sekarang. Tapi, ya, cuma buat diingat-ingat aja, sih, soalnya kondisi sekarang (tentu) lebih baik daripada dulu. Hehe.

  3. Gue juga lho Fii tidak rindu masa-masa harus nungguin elo di depan kamar mandi karena elo nggak berani nutup pintunyaa!!

  4. Iyaa yang namanya reminiscing sih pasti yaa. Dulu mungkin tanggung jawab lebih sedikit tapi pasti sekarang lebih meaningful hidupnya :)

  5. Hahaha...Iyaa bener..sekarang jam 10 udah lemeess cuma bisa terkapar di tempat tidur.

    Thank you Opi...mudah-mudahan blog baru bisa jadi bikin rajin nulis..:D

  6. Gue rindu masa2 syuting. Tapi kalo sekarang balik ke tv, bakal banyak banget pertimbangannya. Secara udah berbuntut. Kalo di tv lagi, mbak belum balik pasti potong cuti :))) di sini, kan tinggal angkut anak, hehehe