Saturdate with Friends

September 08, 2013

Last week, I met a good friend of mine whom I've been friends with since high school, Mina and Aan. With Aan, I still communicate regularly although we only meet about twice a year. But Mina is a different story. I've pretty much lost contact with her for the past few years. She now lives in Weh Island, Aceh with her husband and three kids. She is here because her husband has a 7 month long training in Jakarta. It's nearing toward month 7 and the 'let's meet' talk still had not been realized until last week. I admit, part of it was because I kept rescheduling the meet up.

So it's nice to finally catch up. It's intriguing to find out how different our life is now. She is happy to be a stay at home mom, raising her 3 kids by herself, in a house just steps away from the beach! While I am pretty much attach with my laptop or other gadget for the whole day, she is busy taking her kids to school with her bikes or accompany them playing in the playground near the beach. She never uses laptop and Blackberry is just a tool for communication with friends and family through Blackberry Messenger. Once in a while she would check her Facebook but that's about it :o). Weh Island seems like a beautiful little place where everyone knows each other. She said it's so safe in there too. So safe that she leaves her house door unlocked at all times.

One day, I will experience a life like that, at least for a few short days. Staying in a remote area with the family, being close to nature, doing nothing and not a care about what's going on in other part of the world, enjoying the moment. Maybe I'll go to her place next year and visit the famous KM 0 monument in Sabang. That sounds like a plan :)

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