A Thankful Tuesday

May 24, 2013

Last Tuesday was my birthday and guess what I got as a present? I got me a personal assistant..:D. Well she hasn't officially started but I interviewed two people that morning and decided to hire one of them. Now she needs to take care of resignation process first, I'm crossing finger that it's gonna be smooth.

I've been contemplating of getting a PA since a year ago but I've never been so sure about it. I mean do I really really need one? I started to think about it more seriously when Oki, out of the blue, suggested me to get a PA to help with some of the things I need to handle everyday. And I thought quietly that..yes maybe it's time. Afterall, my to-do list is growing that it's hard to keep up with each one of them. There's always a new challenge everyday and everyone is screaming for attention. Time with the kids is getting short and it seems that my life is always in auto pilot mode. It's time to get my priority in order.

So yes, hopefully I'll get some of the workload off my back soon. Maybe not office work but at least she can help reply and sort some of the emails, answer calls, help me with my schedule & administration, arranging reservation, takes care of the bills and other financial stuff and even manage household & kids related things. I've just launched spice with my sister so a PA would help a lot in that area too. Most women are multirole and I'm no exception. I'm often asked to do many things by my mom and extended family so yes my plate is full and I need to delegate some of the work pronto. 

Well anyway, after the interview, we had a sharing session in the office. It was about how to create awesome video by Igun, a videographer who happens to be Lita's husband. After that, we had lunch together. I ordered ayam suharti and jus suliah for everyone in the office. And then…they surprised me with a birthday cake with fashionable animal prints candle on it :))). 

After that, I took half day off and went to Kemang Village with Jehan and Jibran. They wanted to eat Bonchon and I got myself a pair of shoes. Then we went home and freshen up a bit before going for dinner with my extended family.

Another special thing happened that day was my sister and I finally launched spice. It's a project we've been working on since late last year. So it's kind of overdue but glad that we got to launch it on the special day :).

For dinner, we went to Kedai 3 Nyonya with my extended family to celebrate my birthday and the launch of the new business. I picked the restaurant because the location is close to my house and the rest of the family house.  On the way there, it just hit me that the name of the restaurant is 3 nyonya and spice is founded by 3 women. What a coincidence, right?. Too bad the three of us forgot to take pictures together.

All in all, my birthday was a special one. I'm a 34yo and I'm living my dream. For all the blessings He has given me, I can only say Alhamdulillah again and again :)

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