A Happy Monday

May 20, 2013

So the public speaking series I have to do this month was wrapped today..(or so I thought because I just received one invitation for May 30th which I'm still contemplating).  I've spoken in front of different kind of audiences, from elementary kids to high school kids, to university students, business owners as well as brand managers. My favorite bunch is always the university students. I don't know why, maybe because I was a student like them not too long ago (Haha!), or maybe because I LOVE school in general and love love love to be back on campus and see the fresh new spirits.

Today, I was invited to share my entrepreneurship story at FEUI for their #SUCCESS2013 event. Fashionese Daily was also participated for a session of 'Professionally Stylish' talkshow with Dhany and Syita as the speakers. So proud of them who basically delivered awesome presentation even though they were ordered on a last minute notice! You know you have the right team when they are up for challenge :). I think my mission for everyone at work is to push them out of your comfort zone. It's not for me, it's for them.

Anyway, I was paired with Irvan Helmi from Anomali for the talkshow session. One of the cool things from being invited to share at such event is that I get to learn other people's story too. It's always nice to meet fellow entrepreneurs who has their own mission on how to change the world :).

Another cool thing that happened today was meeting Nayla, the girl in the picture above. I was surprised when she approached me and told me she is FashioneseDaily/FemaleDaily biggest fan since 2010. Even her make up pouch is filled with everything recommended from there. I was even more surprised to know she also reads this blog (Hi girl :)). It's nice to know that you can give value to people's life. Thank you for the chat Nayla :*

Quite a few things was asked today and one of them was what I like about being an entrepreneur. I gave her my answers such as the freedom to create my own world, the opportunity to learn a lot because you get to wear many hats and so on and so forth, but I knew there was something I missed that I somehow couldn't coined. Now I just realized what I had forgotten to say; the best thing about being an entrepreneur is you get to give people awesome experiences that they have never been exposed before. Being an entrepreneur means you have to think larger than yourself. It's not about you, it's about your team well-being and prosperity, it's about what kind of cause you're supporting and what positive contribution you can give to your 'customers' and other people related to your business.  Hopefully, it's something that I can continue doing :).

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