Straight Out of The Box; Fuji X100s

June 06, 2013

Since the Canon 5D is now the office property, I had been on the hunt for a new replacement camera. I'm that kind of someone who needs to have a nice camera and need her family life documented in pretty pictures :D. They definitely deserve more than iphone and instagram pictures :D. My most precious possession is all the pictures I have taken since the first time I owned a digital camera.

Of course, there's no contest with the Canon 5D but that thing is huge that it wasn't very convenient to carry it in my purse everyday. But I did that most of the time and I don't think my shoulders were happy with it. So to replace it, I know I wanted something that produce image as sharp but in a more compact size. So insert here; the Fuji X100s.

I've read all the reviews that made me 100% sure to get this one. The camera has a fix lens but even with Canon I've always liked the fix lens better and this one is equivalent with the 35mm I always use. But the problem is..this camera is hard to get. Even in the US! I've called every single Camera store in town and no one has a stock until I did some more Google and found one in Camera Indo, and off I went to Mangga Dua Square to get my baby :D. The owner, his name is Aries was actually surprised that someone is looking for this particular camera. By the way, if you're looking for any items related to camera, he is a recommended seller.

So here's some straight out of the box pictures. I didn't play around with the setting nor read the manual. As you can tell I'm pleased with the pictures :).

DSCF0005 DSCF0006

DSCF0008 DSCF0012
DSCF0039 DSCF0049

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