Welcoming May

May 03, 2013

Has it really been 4 months after the new year? Where did the month go? Before I know it, May will be gone and then Ramadhan will arrived, followed by Lebaran. And then *bham*...we already at the second semester of 2013. It's crazy and scary to think how fast time moves. I can only hope I'm filling my days with meaningful activities. I know I should be spending more time with the kids :(.

Anyway, May is going to be hectic. Maybe it will go down as the most hectic month for me. Let see what May has in store for me.

  • Public Speaking Activities! I'm not one who enjoys being at the center stage although I have done quite a lot of public speaking activities. I still think I'm not at the level where I want to be when it comes to doing presentation. But I think I see improvement everytime I go on stage. Maybe the public speaking class I took back in October 2011 helps. Maybe I'm getting used to it or maybe I'm just less harsh toward myself :). I used to by my own best critics but now I'm overwhelmed with so many things that I don't have time to scrutinize myself because I have no choice but to forget about it and move on to the next thing.

    Let's see what I have this month:

    - May 2. Moderator at #FDKickStarter Clickpreneurship; Online Shop Know How with Riana from Below Cepek as the speaker. Great event I must say :)
    - May 4. Talkshow at Entrepreneurship Festival where I will be sharing about online media.
    - May 5. Talkshow at Jakarta Marketing Week at Kota Kasablanka where I will be sharing about netizen.
    - May 11. An event with Mango, sharing about Dos & Donts on SS 2013 trend
    - May 12. A talkshow with British Council and Instituto Marangoni. Will be sharing about online fashion journalism
    - May 18. Sellers gathering. This is a small event, but I will have to talk in front of quite a number of people.
    - May 20. SUCCESS 2013, a talkshow event at University of Indonesia where I will be talking about entrepreneurship

    7 events! See, that's obviously the most I have done in a month. I know I can always take the easy and safe way out, which is to just say no with every speaking opportunities that come my way. But I love to share my story and what I have learned so far. And I know if I ever want to get better, I will have to do more of it.

    I was happy when Vanya told me tonight that she noticed that I had improved quite a lot on that department.  It's nice that others see it that way too :)
  • Business trip! Because that means not seeing the kids and the husband for a few days. It's only to Singapore and it's only for two nights. But still. I have only left the kids 4 times and although I might have to do more business trip in the future, I will try my best to keep it limited.
  • Asia Fashion Exchange. This is included in the business trip above but it deserves special mention because it will be the first time Fashionese Daily covering the event. So it's a milestone :).
  • The launch of Travelers Daily. It will be Female Daily Network latest baby. I threw the idea n 2011 and even bought the domain around that time, hoping we could somehow got it together and launched it in a few months :D. But yes it was just impossible until we started working on it two months ago.
  • Female Daily Weekend Garage Sale. A much anticipated weekend for Female Daily community.
  • The new business path. It's something we've been thinking on and off but we have finally decided that it's time. So I'm gathering all the documents, the information, preparing the presentation, approaching people and will have many meetings. It will be interesting to see how this unfold :).
  • Female Daily Birthday 6th Birthday! I still remember when I first launched it, creating all the forums, naming each one of them, arranging everything, ahh the memories :). All activities will be online and I'm already feeling warmth and nostalgic reading all the responses in these series of threads
  • The new business venture with my sister will also be finally launched.
See, I for sure won't have an easy May. Those are just the big things, there are gazillion task I need to do when I break those down. But I have learned to enjoy being uncomfortable, because that's where I learn the most. Nothing great is ever achieved if we stay in comfort zone, right?. May is also my birthday month. So a full month of learning new things, meeting new people and stretching myself is a good way to stay grounded, to keep me alert, to make me wiser and most importantly to make me even grateful for all these wonderful opportunities.

Let's just hope I can still make a blog post or two this month.

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  1. I don't know how a mother could manage all these things. I hope you get everything done so well. Sukses, Mbak, untuk semua aktivitasnya.

  2. Thank you Dinna..everything is going well so far alhamdulillah. I'm back from the business trip and ready to do the rest I need to do for the month :).