Learning to Read

January 18, 2013

Jehan is currently into reading. As in learning to read. Well, she has actually shown interest for quite a while but I have never invested my time in showing her how to read :(.


As far as I remember, she always loves book and has huge interest in language. Her Bahasa Indonesia is impressive for her age, "Daripada, Mommy..bukan dari" when I wrongly use the word dari to compare one thing to another. One time I said ban sepeda and then she asked me, "roda sepeda, maksudnya?". She picked up English really well too and always eager to learn more. There's not a day gone by without her asking me a vocab question. Last time, she stunned me with question, "Yang bener goody bag atau goody bags sih, mommy?".

Her teacher also told me about Jehan loves of books cause she would go straight to the book corner whenever she entered the classroom, passing rack of colorful toys and trinkets. She has one Hello Kitty book that she is able to read from cover to cover, consisting of short phrases. Part of it she can really read, part is a result of memorization.

So now our favorite thing to do together is sharpening her reading skill by me writing simple words, whether on iPad, board or just a simple piece of paper. I can't wait for her to master the skill. I would imagine she's going to ask lots of questions regarding the words she reads all around her. I'm not rushing her into reading at all, but I figured it would be good to explore it together while she is really into it.

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