Continuing The Legacy

January 08, 2013

This was what I found yesterday when I reorganized a small book case in my mom's house :)

A newspaper clipping of my dad's writing. Dated all the way back to 1980s.

My dad owned an Intellectual Property law firm. He handled all things related to copyright, patent, trademarks and other things I don't understand :-). Discovering these clippings kind of put a big slap on my face. They remind me again to never touch my hands on the pirated dvds ever again!

At first, I limited myself to buy only foreign movies, but then I was being good and stopped buying altogether when I realized there were so many unopened dvds lying around in the house.Trying to #livewithless.

I stopped for a few months but then I suddenly found myself back in the pirated dvd store that's located a few steps near my office again. It wasn't so bad, I have probably bought less than 10 dvds in the span of a year. But still.

Starting from now, I vow not to buy anymore pirated dvds. It would be easy for me but instilling this value to the kids would be harder since they've already enjoyed the wonder of pirated dvds, and that's one of the things they like about going to my office, but I have to. Either to go cold turkey or limiting the number of dvd they can buy. Maybe it's best to just leave it all for once and for good?

This also reminds me what Najelaa Shihab always ask to the parents during workshop; What value are we teaching to the kids when we let them buy pirated dvds?

So yes, I have to practice what my dad preached about this, appreciate what he believed in. And of course to be more mindful about the whole thing and the impact I bring to the industry and the kids when I support pirated dvds.

One of these days I really need to sit down and read all of his writing. Somehow, it's heart warming to find out that I've kind of followed his path. I have my writing published in magazines too. I've been featured many of times in national publications and I'm building my own business from scratch, just like him. We establish the business at around the same age and our business is pretty much the pioneer in its own category too :). I sure hope to inherit some of his mojo when it comes to business :).

By the way, I like the "UU Paten Mendorong Teknologi Indonesia" title. It shows that he didn't see system and rules as limitation, but rather as a tool to force creativity. The other titles also show how positive he was about this country and how eager he was on educating the people.

ps; I miss you, Aba :'). Thank you for still teaching me things even though you're away up there.

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