Kids + Outdoor = FUN #MainDiLuarYuk

September 25, 2012

Recently, Mc Donald's launched its Champions of Play campaign. A campaign to make parents aware how important it is to get outdoor time everyday. It's popularized by the hashtag #MainDiLuarYuk in Twitter. Of course, I was excited to participate. Mainly because I'm a firm believer that kids need to have outdoor experience as much as possible. Kids activities now are so different than my generations, their activities are much more structured and they are more exposed to screen time, thanks to the growing of kids TV show, smartphones and tablets.

And unfortunately though, living in Jakarta doesn't give the kids as much as opportunity to be outdoor, which is a shame because we're after all a tropical country. But as parents, if we care enough, we just have to make the best of what is available, right?. Here's something to choose from..

  • For mall alternative, you can always go to Car Free Day on the weekends. Ragunan Zoo is also a fun place to be. Or how about Monas? Surprisingly there's so many things to do there. My kids also love to go to the fish market or to Barito to see pets and other animals. Visiting Taman Makam Pahlawan Kalibata is not bad either as kids can feed deers there.  Don't forget that we also have Senayan area that kids can run, play bike or rollerblading there.
  • IMG_1387 IMG_1094 _MG_1791
  • Once in a while when you get to go out with family, pick a place where they have outdoor seating area, even if it's small and they can't run around at least it's something different.
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