Meet Milo, The Newest Member of The Family

September 13, 2012


Purr..Kitty Kitty! :-)
I was taking a picture for Inside Her Bag post in Fashionese Daily when he suddenly jumped on top of the bag. I guess he wanted to be in the pictures too. We got him about two weeks ago from..err Kaskus. So I've bought a pet from the web, a car from eBay :D, I also found the house we live in from I depend on the Internet a little too much.

Milo is a 3 months old male Persian cat. We loved him a lot. In fact, he got to sleep on my bed at the first night he arrived. I didn't have the heart to leave him all alone in the dark downstairs. He slept like Jibran and Jehan when they were still newborn, snuggling on my chest or right next to my arms that I could feel his breating. The second day he was already familiar with the place and started getting comfortable with the surroundings that he jumped around like crazy. I didn't take him to my room to sleep from then on. But he likes coming to my room in the morning, some times accompanying me in the shower :D..or continuing his sleep on my bed.

Now I understand what the quotes 'Curiosity kills the cat' means. Cat is indeed has a VERY curious mind.

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