Calling in Sick

June 06, 2012

Yes, that's what I did today :D. I rarely get sick, but when I get one....langsung nggak bisa bangun dari tempat tidur. I remember waking up at 6 to wake up Jibran, but he said he was dizzy (he said that since last night). My head was pounding too so I went back to sleep without asking him another question. And then when Oki woke me up, it was already close to 9. So Jehan missed school, too. What a perfect mom I am, huh? Jehan's mbak has been on leave for more than a week now, so my schedule has been brutal since last week.

I had 4 interviews that morning and an appointment with my trainer at 3. Sad to miss it all. But I really couldn't get out of bed. Forced my self to take a shower but then my head felt heavier each step I took. So I messaged Affi & Nopai to tell them I won't be able to come to the office. I'm so glad to have partners that can fill each partners' shoes anytime we need help.

Anyway, pas kebetulan di rumah lagi ada si mpok urut. Enak juga yah hidup pas-pasan. Pas lagi sakit, pas ada mpok urut. Kemaren pas pengen jam, eh pas dikasih ibu mertua. Pas pengen barang dari US, pas sepupu mau pulang minggu depan, *plaakk*.

Since I'm worthless today, I cannot do anything that requires my brain to work properly. I had sudden urge to clean the house, but I don't have the energy to get up and move around. Cannot sleep too because the carpenters are installing my kitchen cabinet and they are loud. So what did I do? Giving this blog a makeover :D

I changed the background color, as well as the color and format of title and comments. I deleted the ugly button I created not too long ago and just use regular labeling. I even created an ABOUT page. I feel like a professional blogger already.

Playing around with blog design always gives me this nostalgic feeling. I remember sitting in the corner of my room at West College Street, blogging and designing website with my Compaq Presario. I used a software called Adobe Dreamweaver. Little did I know that was exactly what I did. I was weaving my dream :)

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  1. WAIT, you got new cabinets?! THAT IS HUGE, pics please! I am always wanting ideas for my "dream kitchen!" Also, FEEL BETTER!

  2. Thank you. Yes new cabinets but they are not done yet. At first I only have a small kitchen for pantry and breakfast nook. Now I'm adding stove and more cabinets, although still small buat at least I can cook :D. The old cabinet has a glossy finish, we change it into a more rustic finishing. Hopefully it'll turn out ok. Will put pictures when it's done :)