Coughing Up A Storm

June 11, 2012

It's been five days and I am still sick. At least, the head feels lighter now. It's just the cough that is so persistent. But at least it's a productive cough and that means I'm clearing out mucus and hopefully will get better soon. I was ready to leave the house this morning although feeling kinda feverish, Jehan was also ready with her uniform until I found out that my driver was not back yet. There was no way I could drive all the way to her school and my office :(.

Here's what I've tried so far for my cough:

  • A full bottle of Bisolvon Extra
  • Aldisa (Dari nyokap, untuk relieve symptomps of common cold, sneezing, nazal congestion, etc). Ini waktu hari kedua aja, sih
  • Neuralgin (when the headache becomes unberable)
  • Degirol (tablet hisap untuk sakit tenggorokan)
  • FG Troches (sama kaya Degirol)
  • Imboost Force (to help the immune system)
  • Peresan air jeruk panas setiap hari
  • Jeruk nipis + kecap
  • Eat super spicy food
  • As much water as I could handle
And it still doesn't get any better. I met my mom in law yesterday and turned out she too has been coughing for the last 10 days. Oh no!.

Today my mom is giving me another medicine. My mom is a walking pharmacy. She has every medicine imaginable and even owns DOI (Data Obat Indonesia) book. Tsk tsk. But I'm done taking medicine. Sometimes, we just have to let it runs its course.

I'm just going to try out some home remedy today:
  • Eat lots of grapes. I remember my mom used to tell me not to eat grapes when I have a cough, ugh that's a myth mom. In fact, grapes act as an expectorant so you want to eat a lot of it.
  • Keep taking the lemon drops, replace the soysouce with honey
  • Rub my chest, neck, back with Vicks VapoRub or eucalyptus oil.
  • Drink hot peppermint tea (no sugar as sugar compromise your immune system)
  • Drink more water as it thins out mucus
  • Continue to eat spicy food (another natural expectorant)
  • Try this breathing technique
  • If the cough still persist until later on this afternoon I will add 2 tbs of apple cider vinegar into my lemon + honey mix.
Pheww. Wish me luck!

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  1. Mbak Hani, coba makan Kiwi yang banyak dibikin jus plus madu kalo rada asem. Kiwi kandungan vitamin C-nya tinggi sekali, ini resep andalan saya :). Semoga cocok dan cepat sembuh yaaaa...

  2. Oh iya emang mesti banyak konsumsi vitamin C sih. I think I have some Kiwis in the fridge, I'll just eat them straight. Nggak terlalu suka juice sebenernya, lebih suka makan buahnya langsung. Thank you ya Evita.

  3. I hope you are feeling better by now :-(. Kita disini baru aja kelar with the same symptoms, and to our surprise, the doctor said it was part cold and part allergies, huh!

  4. Coba garlic, Han.. gerus 4 siung, tambah satu jempol jahe juga digerus, tambahin air mendidih, terus disaring. Abis itu tambah sedikit madu dan lemon. Cepet sembuh yah!!

  5. Oh ya, abis itu airnya diminum hehehhehe..

  6. Irish: Much better now, akhirnya ke dokter dan sekarang tinggal sisa-sisanya. Ya ampun part cold and part allergies? So you have to attack them with different kind of medicine? ck ck...glad to know that you feel better now :)

    Ragil: Thank you Ragil, alhamdulillah sih sekarang udah sembuh. Will try your home remedy kalo sakit lagi nanti..ehh tapi mudah-mudahan sih nggak sakit lagi yah.