Whole Wheat Goldfish Crackers

June 09, 2012

I believe every kids in this world love Goldfish Crackers. It was Jibran's favorite snack when he was little. Too bad, in here we don't always have it. Sometimes, a few of them would pop up at Ranch Market or Kem Chick. But of course, still considered expensive. I found this recipe from Smitten Kitchen. So we decided to make it on a late Saturday afternoon in our backyard. Kids had fun making it. It's one of the easiest snack you can make. Too bad we don't have fish cookie-cutter to make it look like the real thing. But at least it's much healthier too than the store-bought ones :).


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  1. whole wheat flour beli dimana ya? atau ga pake ini juga ga pa2?

  2. Bogasari gitu ada kok Al di supermarket mana aja. Atau nggak pake tepung terigu biasa juga nggak papa. Kasih tau yaa enak/enggaknya :)