His First Adult Suitcase

May 25, 2012

Jib went to Singapore last week with his aunt, cousins and grandma. It was his first time going out of the country without his parents. A milestone, indeed. When he came back, he brought home a brand new suitcase, courtesy of his aunt because she was buying a few for her kids too. Jib had been wanted his own four-wheeler carry on since a few months ago. He even wanted to use his own lebaran money to buy it. That's how bad he wanted it. I never let him buy it because we've always traveled as a family so we only need 1 carry on whenever we traveled, which we already have. So when the opportunity arrised,of course he couldn't resist it.


He got his very own luggage. Orange is his favorite color and traveling around the world is his biggest desire. I'm telling you, there's not a single day passed without him looking over the globe or flipping through the maps or Googling about some countries or asking me which country we will visit next.  He knows more about Geography than I do!.

Oh and he said this a few days ago, 'Mommy, I'm gonna work in another country when I'm big. Would you come live with me?'..and my heart melted.

May you (and Jehan) discover more places and become a true citizen of the world. Amiiiin.

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  1. Auww jempol deh buat jibran. Aim high and dream big yah Jib!

  2. Thank you tante Rika :)