WW; Die Hard Salukis Fans

March 14, 2012

MVC 065
  • This was in March 2006 during Missouri Valley Tournament, the road to NCAA
  • Of course we won the tournament :)
  • Guess who wears that Afro wig?
  • Yes, we were (or he was) that crazy!
  • The back of Oki shirt says SO.ILL (for Southern Illinois)
  • I miss college basketball
  • I miss supporting for my dawgs
  • I miss being in a stadium filled with maroons
  • I miss singing Star Spangled Banner with thousands of people
  • I miss screaming my lungs out and jumping in delight whenever we scored
  • I miss being fanatical about something and wear it on my sleeve
  • I miss the energy
  • I miss the road trip to watch the game
  • I miss watching the game on my living room while having King & I or Dominos take out
  • I miss everything about it
  • I know, this post is supposed to be wordless (WW stands for wordless wednesday)
  • So I guess I must end it now

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