Six Things

March 19, 2012

Last week I said to myself that I thought all the craziness would end once Women Wired Weekend was over. But now here I am, working at the office until 11 PM and continued the work at home until 3 in the morning. Oh well. wr02 Jehan showed me this drawing of her before I left for work. I was pretty shocked when I saw that because to me, in that first second, the drawing kind of resemble man's private part!. When I asked her what it was, she proudy said that it’s a NAIL POLISH bottle. Phewww!. Us adults, (or maybe it was just me) do see things from different point of view than kids. Our mind has been contaminated by many things, and some times, our worries and fears skewed how we see the world. Some times we see the negatives first instead of the positives. wr06 I’ve created a pretty comprehensive family financial plan last year. Fast forward to a year later, I’m kind of lost track with the investment. I don’t know which one performs well, which one needs to be closed and move to other Reksadana that is more promising. I’ve also had a few change of plans that I haven’t implemented and then we’re planning to apply for KPR, so there are quite a lot of changes in our financial situation, so it needs a more serious analysis and planning. We decided to be QM Financial client and last week was our first meeting and already am feeling more relieved. At least that's one less thing to worry about. I can be a perfectionist some times, that I think I can do everything and want to do everything by myself, because I feel that the part where I can learn more and use my brain. Now I learn that some times, I just have to delegate. We should have another meeting tomorrow. wr01 We had a big presentation last week and since Vanya was on leave, Syita was the one who had to deliver the presentation. It was the first time for her to present for a new project (usually a report-kind of presentation), and it's for a multinational companya It was amazing she could pull off such a promising presentation on a last minute notice. In fact, she only saw the final powerpoint presentation 2 hours before the appointed time. But she looked very comfortable in that cold meeting room. She explained everything thoroughly. Transition between points and slides were done very smoothly. Very proud of her!. I was especially moved when she explained about Female Daily Network and can actually feel her emotion there :') wr03 When I came home last Thursday, I was surprised to see identical suitcases lining up. They are from the travel agent who is arranging our Umrah trip. The lady said it's not fix yet that we can go on the date we want, but I don’t understand why she's already sent us the suitcase, along with the book and the uniform? Anyway, when I looked that, it just registered in me how I long to have this trip. I was almost in tears. Mudah-mudahan diizinkan dan dimudahkan untuk pergi ke sana ya Allah. wr05 Jibran loves to play Congklak. He is so excited that in school, the teacher just introduced the game to everyone. He is so proud that (according to him), he is one of the rare who already know about the game and that he, along with other friend, is the best at it :D. We lost the Congklak shells so we used the smaller Lego instead. The kid is pretty good, he understands the strategy and tactical aspects of it :D. But don't worry, I beat him 3-2. wr04 Speaking of investment, I was all smiles when I took my latest investment out for a spin last weekend :)))

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