Weekly Roundup

March 13, 2012

Yupe, just like expected, it's getting harder and harder to sit down and write a blog post. It truly needs a discipline to set a side some 20-30 minutes of my time for some serious blogging sessions. I found that, the busier I am, the faster the days gone by and the more time I wonder where did the time go? What did I do? How did I feel? How come I didn't remember many details about that moment? I always feel a sharp pang in my heart when I look at pictures of Jehan when she was much smaller and I don't seem to remember the milestones and moments. It's different with Jibran where I was a stay at home mom throughout the first 4.5 years of his life.

So, in an attempt to document my days in a more systematical manner, I create this weekly roundup where I post every Monday (and today is what? -__-) on what's happening, or the highlight of that past week, with pictures and a little story.


Watching the kids splashing at their inflatable pool while having my coffee is somehow soothing and refreshing :).


I dropped my bag when I was in Marche last Wednesday and my camera was inside the bag . I didn't think it was a big deal (I dropped my bag so many times) so I didn't even check it after I picked it up. The next day, Wanda wanted to borrow my camera and her jaw dropped when she opened the lens cover, discovering the broken glass. Of course, I was secretly panicked but trying to be calm and checking if it still work properly. Fortunately, it seemed to work fine. I brought it to JPC Kemang on the weekend to have it checked and changed to a new filter. They confirmed everything seemed to be working properly, it's only the filter that's broken. Pheww!. I wouldn't forgive myself for being so careless had this lens been broken to pieces :(. I mean, here I'm trying to live with less and I waste yet another gadget. My Macbook Pro went dead last month because Jehan spilled water on the keypad. I felt really bummed. My old one was two years old but it still serves me well and and could last for more years to come. I still feel bad when I think about it :(. This shows that I have too much on my mind or on my to-do list that I don't even have time to be mindful about things I own. The busier I am, the reckless I get :(.


It's tax reporting time and look at that document each of us received from Irma, the accounting girl in the office. The situation in the office now is so much improved than last year. Last year, we were clueless on what we needed to do during this period :D.
The improvement is also shown in forms of health insurance, additional fee for writing sponsored post, Jamsostek that's on the way, new office desk & chair, an organized filing for leave & sick days and of course, a raise in salary for some of them who have gone through performance evaluation. A lot more improvement is coming up. I guess, small business is always in a work-in-progress mode, and I see it as a good thing :).


I've heard about this coffee establishment since last year but somehow, I always forgot to visit the place whenever I am in Plaza Senayan since the location is a bit far from the busy area in the mall. To go there from Plaza Senayan, we have to go inside Food Hall and go all the way to the back until we find rows of restaurants. I went there with Amal & Nopai for a meeting with Yahoo She team. As always, I ordered an Iced latte, but since I was in a meeting, I couldn't took my time to enjoy every sip of it so I don't how how describe the taste. But it tasted good and I won't mind going back there. The location is much more discreet than Monologue, so it's perfect for work-related meetings.


Last Thursday was an International Women's day and Accenture invited its women stuff, media, clients and partners to attend a talk show with Linda Gumelar, Yenny Wahid at Mandarin Hotel. I'm glad I went there. It's such an encouraging experience to see influential & passionate women on stage, sharing story about what they've been through, how they get to the top and what their plans are. Oh, and I'm also glad to take the time to write this article on Mommies Daily, about how us women need to support other women.

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