Quotes from The Presentation

March 15, 2012

Today we had a presentation for a pretty big project. I always love the feeling I get after our team delivered a presentation, especially knowing that we've tried our best. Even though most of the time my best is never enough for me.

Anyway, today reminds me of this post that's been sitting on my draft list, written last October after Affi and I had an opportunity to share our story on how we build Female Daily Network. Basically this post is just a compilation of a few things mentioned from that meeting.


"Female Daily Network is actually an already established business, so it cannot be considered as a seed funding because the business is growing, profitable and pretty mature". Wow, it's nice to hear that from someone outside of the company who understands the digital landscape in Indonesia :)

Below are what came out of our mouth, through our heart :)

"Everything we're doing right now is a combination of everything we've been doing all along during school/college days or work experiences prior to this". That means we're meant to be doing this, right? If it's not something we are so passionate about, we won't last the past three years. Money is not even one of the reasons why we're sticking to this.

"On a personal level, we believe we still have to learn and improve more. But we're two very determined individuals. We realize that passion will only get us so far if it's not equipped with humility and integrity"

"We both are product of stepping out of the comfort zone. Affi left her well paid corporate career in a prestigious company and Hani left her American dream life, to create our own path and build our own dream"

"This is not a lifestyle business, and this is not just a part of us. This is us"

"We dream big, we want to be like ibu Pia Alisjahbana or Ibu Martha Tilaar of our generation. We want to have our own little business empire. We want to build something we can pass on to the next generation"

"Our team is very special because they are consist of people who are a long time member of Female Daily forum. They are people who believe in us, and they see Female Daily Network as a place to channel their passion".

"We deliver awesome contents and often asked to be contributor for International publication"

"We want to focus on our strength and build solid eco-system for the industry"


There are a few more notes but that's consist of what we're going to do in the near future. Don't think it's time to share them here.

I remember that day wasn't easy. It was a day before Affi left for London and Aluf was having a fever and cough. The day before, I did a three hour test for an institution so I couldn't focus on the presentation. We received the final file from a graphic designer we hired at 5 PM and it was a mess! There were 66 slides while we only had 15 minutes to present. Lesson learned: never ever outsource your presentation! I also had a class until 9 o'clock that night. I got home at 9:40, took Jehan to bed, read her a book..and went back to my laptop after changing my clothes. I didn't even had a chance to eat dinner or wash my face. I re-do the powerpoint presentation and worked on it until 3:30 in the morning! And in between that, Jehan woke up twice and threw up all over the bed :(.

See, there's nothing fancy about being an entrepreneur and a mom...but I wouldn't have it any other way :)

Just realized we didn't take picture from that day. Arrggh!

Affi's tweet on that day:

Nothing good comes easy so I'll be ready for whatever today may bring. Happy Friday, everyone!

My grandma's ring, energy muse bracelet, alligator cuff - weird combo but I need all my lucky charms!

Mine the next day:

Soccer mom for the day. But waking up early on Saturday morning is not that bad when you end the work week with a bang :)


Just part of the journey we have to go through :)

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  1. Ooooh, aku ampe mo nangis aku bacanyaaaaaa..... :) you're both doing great. You both give so many people happiness by friendships. You're part of our lives. It's been 5 years and i'm sure that will be another 5, 15, 25, 50 years to come for female daily.


  2. Amiiin. Thank you for always being there since the very beginning ya Riik.... *peluuukk*