What would dad do?

August 23, 2010

These past few days, I've been toying with the idea of bringing investors for the business, or maybe borrowing a good chunk of money from the bank. Don't get me wrong, business is good, it's growing, and we keep adding new clients to the list. But most of the time, the money doesn't arrive in our bank account as fast as we want it to arrive. So it's kind of challenging to work out with the cash flow, especially when you need to spend a big amount on something. Other than the cash flow, of course there's no denying that we need more resources to grow significantly. More resources = $$$. Something that we don't have the luxury of. But you know what, I'm not even sure we want an investor and trade our independence and pride, not to mention a share of ownership in the company.

Oh well, I haven't even gave it a serious thought and brought it to the meeting. It's just something that crosses my mind.

Anyway, this makes me thing. What would my dad do in a situation like this? My dad didn't come from a wealthy family, he started his company from scratch, he gave all his heart into it and look now, he was able to send his brothers abroad for school, he sent me and my siblings overseas, he made it big. The company is growing in numbers and even has its own 4 story office building.

How did he make it from nothing to something? Did he get an investor? Did he borrow some money from the banks? What did he do right? What happened? What was his turning point?

If only he was here to answer my questions and give me some guidance :(. I regret that I didn't get a chance to know more about his journey in building his little empire, and so many other things I know he would have the answer to. Books can provide me with the information and some useful facts but nothing beats learning from real world case studies, especially if it's from your own dad.
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