Giving it a second chance

Yesterday, I went Twitter-walking and found an account that belong to my-used-to-be-really-good friend through high school and our days as roommate in Perth. But then she did a few stupid things that were out of line and kind of put me in disadvantage. After that, I just didn't see the need to call her as friend anymore.

That was like eleven years ago. I heard sad news about her family somewhere in between..but it still didn't move me to reach out to her. I found her on Facebook but I still couldn't careless.
Yupe, that's me. I pride myself for being a loyal friend. The friends I have now, I keep them for life. That's why once I feel betrayed, he/she is out of my life. It's hard to heal my wounded heart.

Anyway, so I found her Twitter..and I glanced through it and found this tweet she posted....

Sometimes, the past is annoying; it always shows up. We never get rid of it, no matter how hard we try.

And suddenly I felt a sharp pang inside my chest. Somebody is trying to change! Well a lot of people are trying to change for the better and I just realized how frustrating it can be for them if they are always being judged for what they did in the past.

Yes, we knew them, I knew her, I know who she was..but I don't know what kind of person she is trying to become and I would never know if don't reach out to her.

Perhaps, it's time to reconnect? Afterall, it's Ramadhan, the month where we forgive and forget.

Yes. Perhaps it's time.

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