Tough time never last, but tough people do!

August 14, 2010

This was when my grandma visited me in July 2007 and spent almost 2 months in St. Louis with me. My grandma and I are very close since I'm her first grandchild. In fact, I was her only one for 7 years and now even though  she has 14 of them, and I'm sure she loves each one of them to death, there's nothing quite like the bond we have between us. I learned a lot about her past from her visit. About her when she was little, not knowing who her parents were, growing up and living with a mean family, meeting her husband, the hard life she had to endure when her husband passed away when she was pregnant with her 8th child!! All the struggle, the tears and the pain. Life is like a never ending drama for her, it's amazing that she managed to raise all of her eight children as a single mother. She, along with my mom are one tough cookie. I'm proud to have their blood runs through my vein. 

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