Bursting out of the box

August 12, 2010

I believe I wrote this after Fashionese Daily coverage in Femina Magazine, early 2008. It wasn't the first coverage but I think it was the most prominent one. Sometimes I still can't believe that it all started in my living room, faaar far away from here :). I remember all the conversation with nduti in highway 70 on our way to Kansas City. I think that's when the dream was made and I felt like I was given wings to reach it. Did I see a falling star on that wide open space? Hey maybe I did :).

Last year, I finally put some generated ideas into action that I'm hopeful will achieve full dimension over time. I did things I really enjoyed doing that I believe can be a foundation for a fantastic future. I met some inspiring and genuine people who are going to become crucial to my advancement. The fact that people did notice and recognized my efforts was an added bonus and the best and the most important thing is, I have satisfied (although just a little bit), the urge I have to prove myself, for my own self-respect, for my own happiness as an individual. With the limiting situation and resource that I have now, I think what I did ain't too shabby..:D

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