breakfast in bed

September 16, 2005

jibran just woke up and had his breakfast in bed. this picture was taken on saturday morning when we were in chicago, and sadly the battery went dead right after i took this no chicago pics at all. but we did have fun though, went crazy in ikea and spent a good 6 hours there, went to nordstrom rack (how i wish we have both stores in st. louis), H&M in woodfield mall and went to prime outlet in aurora, we didn't have time to go to downtown and plus the people we wanted to see there were vacationing in west no need to go downtown afterall.

anyway..i have a loooooottt to write, honestly i always feel the urge to write whenever i don't have time to write all about it, it's just soo annoying. banyak kejadian aja akhir2 ini yang worth to write such as SBY in st. louis (on the mean time, you can read it on mbak roro's blog..*helloo mbaak..hehe*)..trus perkembangannya jibran, sekolahnya jibran, kata2 baru nya jibran, books review, dan lain lainnya, intinya lagi inspired to write aja. i love being inspired..=).

sekarang lagi bantu2in bikinin website nya indo night, kemaren sempet bikinin flyernya juga...beberapa hari lagi harus mulai design bookletnya juga and (maybe) the backstage pass..trus juga bantuin goreng kerupuk...see i told you i have lots of thing to do..:P.....i guess i'll write more later when i do find the time to write.

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  1. pake celana batik lagi... hihihi.. lucu bener seeeh anak lo han.. btw ikea? umm... 6 jam.. kebayang deeeeh... hahaha.. deh pasti han.. hihihi...

  2. bajunya lucu ammmaaattttt! anak kecil lucu ya kalo pake batik head-to-toe gitu. kalo udah kepala dua terus jadinya yang ngggg....