Recap of the last few days

February 16, 2005

Sebenernya ini udah di tulis dari kemaren kemaren...tapi kok maleeessss banget ya nyelesainnya?..Anyway...last week was full of event. Ada 2 keluarga yang balik for good ke jakarta. Salah satu nya mas heru n mbak susi dari carbondale, memang sih sejak kita pindah ke st. louis jadi jarang ketemu lagi..but we always visit each other once in a while. They are really nice to us, we used to hang out at their house every weekend, just to chitchat until pass midnite..they always cook delicious indonesian food for us, gives a hand to help and all that. Too bad I didn't get the chance to take them to the airport, I called them the day before their departure but they had disconnect the phone. They promised to call me to let me know the check in time so we can meet in the check in area but i guess they were too busy they forgot to call me..huhu.

The other family who has gone back home is MD, Mbak Risti and Rashad...Rashad is Jibran's buddy..they are only 2 weeks apart at birth. Sekarang kalo ngumpul2 agak sepi deh..biasanya ada 2 babies..sekarang tinggal 1. They had an early all of us went to the airport around 4.30 in the morning to bid them farewell..ugh why why why everybody is going home?!?!..I knew I wanted to go home for good sometimes..but after my last visit there..i realized that i'm not ready to go home..not mentally, emotionally, physically (not until i lost this bellyyy..hehe..oh man i'm so shallow..:p), not financially and other possible lly. I know I want to be around my family more than anything but i'm just not ready yet to face whatever the hell i have to face back home. I do feel guilty most of the time for being away from my family for so long, especially now that there is Jibran...all they want is to be near him, to watch him grow and witness his every milestones..and i take that away from them. Huhu..sedih jadinya kalo di pikir. Airport is a sentimental place for me, makanya pas kemaren ke airport itu jadi inget waktu harus balik lagi ke sini...masuk nya di lama lamain, kita baru masuk ke boarding area pas orang2 udah ngantri masuk pesawat, padahal itu juga udah di anterin sampe ke dalem, passed the check in area..passed the immigration gate..masiih aja kurang...and i'm not good in saying goodbye to my family cause then my voice becomes strangled in my throat, my heart is throbbing and tears start streaming down my cheek..huhu..cupu banget deh pokonya.

Anywayy..we have heard the news that MD and family have arrived jakarta safely..we wish you the best of luck and continual success in your future endeavor..mudah2an bisa cepet adaptasi sama lingkungan dan suasana baru. We miss you guys already..=))!!

So after we took them to the airport, we went home to catch up some sleep...woke up at noon, had dimsum and planned to go to st. louis mills right after, but jibran was sleeping on the way there, kasian kalo turun pasti dia bangun, so we stopped by at target, d and yoga went inside and i just waited in the car sambil nemenin jibran bobo...made some phone calls, played with the camera..and i even had a chance to pluck my eyebrows..:D. Abis dari situ baru deh ke mills where jibran played in the PBS kids play area..he looked so happy. He walked like he own the place.

Monday was a valentine's day...I woke up to find a cute package, a small red teddy bear with a red Mrs Fields heart tin filled with decadent chocolates and a card that says.."To my wife: Thank you for being you ...and for being mine"...ahh..monday is not that bad afterall..=))

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  1. waaahhh.. mas oki romantis ya mba..hehehehe...salam buat jibby.. kangen nihhhh *muuuaccchhh*

  2. hmm..Mas Oki is slick ;) to find a gift for you where you were there in the same mall..he..he..I think he used Jibby to disturb your attention ;P

  3. duh senangnyaaaaa.... salam buat semua yaaaaa....