Busy Busy Week

February 10, 2005

This has been a busy week indeed, had to wake up early to take dendre to the metro station these last few days, came back and picked him around lunch time in downtown to check out some open houses..apointment with the mortgage officer and this and that. But we're getting this close to sealing the deal now. I'm so excited..:-)

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  1. ciieee...ciieee....soon-to-be homeowners, heheheh...hope the closing goes smooth!

  2. Han, makasih ya ucapana selamatnya.. akhirnya nih me lahiran juga.. setelah ditunggu2.. gimana liburan diindonya? seru gak?? duh me pengen ke US nih.. mau nemuin my mom.. kalo me kesana ketemuan yuk.. hihihi