All about Jibran

February 12, 2005

Orig EDD: 1/17/04
Birth date: 1/19/04
Current Age: 12 months and 3 weeks
Weight @ Birth: 7 lbs 3 oz
Length @ Birth: 19.5 inches
Current Weight: 21 lbs 3 oz
Current Length: 29.5 inches
Diaper Size: Pampers first steps absorbent pants (1T - 2T)
Clothing Size: 9 - 18 months
# of Teeth: 1 (hihihi)..2 are on the way though, you can see and touch the sharp little pearls on the surface of his gums
Pacifier: Yes
Thumb Sucker: Nope
Siblings: No



Sits without support: Yes
Crawling: Yes
Standing w/assistance: Yes
Walking w/assistance: Yes
Standing unassisted: Yes
Walking unassisted: Yes
Bends over & picks up an object: Yes
Walks backwards: Hmm...i havent noticed this one yet
Dances to music: Yes, he sways back and fourth and also do the headbanging thing
Climbing: Yes
Running: he tries it all the time but haven't really got the hang of it


Babbling: Yes
Responds to own name: Yes
Understands No: Yes but does it anyway..=)
Combines Syllables (wordlike sounds): Yes sometimes
Says Dada and/or Mama: Yes, mostly dada though (and i thought i'm the one who is with him 24/7)
Uses 2 words skillfully (Hi, bye, etc): Hmm..not really
Vocab of 5 words: No..he would says "hawaa" (hallo) when he picks up the phone. He says "deh" (does he mean 'that?') a lot and "deeh" means a lot of things for him


Eating Solids:Yes
Finger Feeds: Yes
Can use spoon & fork: Nope. not yet, i haven't taught him that.
Waves bye bye: Yes
Picks things up with pincer grasp: Yes
Plays patty-cake: hmm..what's a patty-cake??
Imitates others:No..i don't think so
Indicates wants with gestures: Yes, when he wants his binky, he'll go to the kitchen and point to where his binky is. and when he wants some snacks, he'll go to the kitchen pantry and point to it
Empties containers of contents: Yes..not just containers, but also the kitchen cabinets,my underwear name it!!
Plays with ball: Yes, he loves ball..he plays basket ball too in his own tiny basketball backboard and rim
Turns the pages of a book: Yes
Has temper tantrums: Oh yes..unfortunately
Attached to soft toy/blanket: Nope
Enjoys pretend games: Yes, lately he likes to pretend that he tips over when he walks and then he would just lay there and laugh.
Likes riding toys: Yes
Will read book alone:Yes
Can peddle when put on a trike: No, he can't reach the peddle on his new bike, the one that pakde sam and bude dien gave him for his birthday..=)
Scribbles: hmm?..i guess no?

Anything else?

Jibran loooveess to throw stuff into the toilet first he threw things into the trash can, including the remote, the phone etc..but i moved the trash can into the counter top so he couldn't reach it..and now he throws things into the toilet bowl..yea..and my book became the victim just now. But he knows where things are supposed to be, like yesterday he took off the living room's table edge guard and today he found it in my room, he picked it up and ran off to the living room and tried to put it back to the table..hehe. He gives me a kiss or a smooch whenever i ask for it. I have a good laugh everyday with him, just watching him do his things and acts silly all the time. He is my silly boy..i couldn't ask for a better baby..=)

*playing peekabo in the plane's bassinet, on our way home to j-town

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  1. baby J!!!!duh, u're a lady killer. Look at your smile... Keep your mama busy, kay?! love from baby D and mama ..

  2. mom tian :jibraann senyummuu sangat menggetarkan hati ...iya bener kata axl .. lady killer .. :P

  3. duuuuh... ketawanyaaaa....

  4. wah udah bisa gratak yah.. hihihi.. ntar lagi bisa lari tambah pusing deh ngejarnya.. itu senyumnya Tante and Kaka Chayin ampe gemes deh.. ganteng bener sih...