The Season Finale

August 19, 2004

Today is the season finale for the Newlyweds show. I didn't like the show when it first aired, because i couldn't believe how stupid and spoiled jessica could be most of the time..and I'm talking about jaw-droppingly stupid.. But I gave it the benefits of the doubt (or was it because i stayed home too much??) and I began to like it and appreciate her for the way she is..for her fearleasness of having millions of people watch her goes about her daily life and for putting everything on the table (including her bubblehead-ness *is there such a word?*. And now that I think about it.. she is not that stupid certainly took some brains to make $20 million last year. So anyway.. i'm loving the show, i get a good laugh watching the-always-wanting-to-have sex nick and the ditzy jessica..and plus i get some new vocab that only exist in Jessica Simpson this:

Jessica: If we have sons, they're gonna wanna be ballerinos"

Cacee: "Ballerinas?"

Jessica: "No, ballerinos. Guys are o's. You know, with the o's, the masculine.

Jessica: "Why were there mouses?"

Jessica: I could feel your teeth.

Nick: They're not my teeth, actually.

Jessica: Oh, I forgot. They're "ventures". No, that's dentures.

Nick: Ventures?

Jessica: What are they called?

[Nick laughs]

Jessica: Veneers.

[Nick laughs]

Jessica: I thought "dentures" and I thought "veneers". And then I came up with "ventures".

Nick: Yeah. "Think" is the key word.

Jessica: Well, I'm gonna take a shower. And wash off everybody's foot jam.

Nick: [snickers] Foot- foot jam?

Jessica: Yeah, I mean, I was in a pool of water all day long that everybody's feet was in.

Nick: Isn't it toe jam?

Jessica: Whatever.

and my favorite Jessica blond moments would be:

[after being offered Buffalo wings]

Jessica: No thanks. I don't eat buffalo.

Jessica: [talking on the phone] Well, 23 is old! It's almost 25 which is almost mid-twenties. (yea jess..math can be confusing sometimes)

And some of nick pervertness:

Jessica: Oh my gosh...i didn't expect it to be so big [when her dessert order arrives]

Nick: That's what you said on our wedding nite baby..;)

Jessica: In the beginning of our marriage you were so eager to open the door for me

Nick: In the beginning of our marriage I got laid!!

[discussing the new sheets Jessica bought]

Nick: How much were they?

Jessica: Huh?

Nick: How much? How much?

Jessica: $1400.

Nick: Jessica Simpson!

Jessica: What?


Jessica: Don't be mad. Oh, Nick, come on.

Nick: $1400 for sheets?

Jessica: Well, you sleep on 'em every night.

Nick: I sleep on the ones we got now every night. I don't have a problem.

Jessica: Well, I don't like them. I don't sleep good.

Nick: Holy crap. I better have a wet dream when I sleep on those sheets.

and here's some of jessica simpson jokes that i got in my email:

Q: Jessica Simpson ordered a pizza and the clerk asked if he should cut it in six or twelve pieces.

A: Six, please. I could never eat twelve pieces.

Q: Why did Jessica Simpson get so excited after she finished her jigsaw puzzle in only 6 months?

A: Because on the box it said ”From 2-4 years.”

Q: Why did Jessica Simpson tip-toe past the medicine cabinet?

A: So she wouldn't wake up the sleeping pills.

Hihi..those are pretty funny..too bad the show has what am i gonna watch now??

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  1. Hahaha..skrg jd full-time mother malah krg kerjaan ya say =p. Udah sana, nonton olympic games aja mendingan. Klo gw jarang sih nonton TV. Paling klo pas lg ada kejuaraan2 skrg olympic games gini. Atow pas lg ada world cup, euro cup, F-1, tennis grandslams. Sport mania skali ya kesannya =D. Tp klo pas lg gak ada yg asik buwat ditonton...biasanya gw sih maen game, huehehe.

  2. lucuw amat sih tu acaranya...baru baca postingannya aja dah ngakak...

  3. well, i luv jessica, she's hot :) btw, met kenal tau ini dari silvia..slam dari silvia ;) temen SMA elo :)

  4. ey gue denger Britney Spears juga mo ikutin bikin acara newlyweds sendiri loh ntar kalo mereka dah kawin. I think Britney is just Jessica's copycat. Jessica has a tiny puppy put inside her luis vit bag, and britney does the same as well.. the same with the show..

  5. Huehehe ... I love Jessica!! ...She's so entertaining ... dumb blonde is not really I think who she is. She's funny as hell!! hehehe

  6. gue paling suka pas bahas Chicken of the this chicken or fish??? wakakakakakakaka...

  7. waaaaaaa... blom pernah nonton... waaaaa.... *iri mode on*

  8. mom tian :gak pernah nonton juga.. jaddiii * no comment * aja yak ... :P

  9. Waaaaaa...coba ada di indonesia ya... i love the buffalo lines :-)

  10. "I am proud to be a blond" as how she signed in one of the mags and got the whole entire america made fun of her for the missing "e".

  11. RIA: males ahh nonton olympic, palingan basketnya aja yang gue tonton..hehe..dan US payah gitu basketnya..sama palingan yang ada indonesia nya aja kaya angkat besi..hihi..Mbak NDA: iyaaa emang kocak kok itu si jessica..Geto INDRAWAN: Helloo..met kenal juga yah. Hot mana jessica sama silvia?..hihi...ANONYMOUS: Oh yaa?? gue belum pernah denger tuuh..i think britney spears is going down down down..kalo dia bikin kaya newlyweds mungkin nggak laku2 amat kali yah, soalnya cowonya kan nggak di kenal, nggak kaya jess and nick. AJITA: Waa ada fansnya jessica nih disini..hehe...iya emang dia entertaining sekali..and I love her BAGS and SUNGLASSES...all of them!!DETTA: hihi, iya tuh dudul banget yah, tapi gara gara itu dia kan jadi di endorse chicken of the sea dan sekarang juga jadi ngiklanin breath freshner product dengan line nya.."is it liquid or is it ice??"DIAN: hehe..kali aja nanti kalo ada dvd nya jadi ada bajakannya..:D MOM TIAN: Absen doang niiihh jadinya??.....:DMAMA NAUFAL: iya tuuh dia nggak mikir apa ya kalo buffalo don't have wings afterall?!?DWI: Hihihi..lucu bener sihh..gue nggak pernah liat tuuh..tapi emang banyak sih yang salah nge spell blonde jadi blond..abis e nya nggak kebaca..kayanya gue juga sering kaya gitu..:D..